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Pros: Easy to set up. Web-based so no software to install or maintain. Web-based interface makes it easy to edit your messages. Can set follow on messages to any variation of schedule (after one day, two days etc). Great assortment of bonuses if you sign up for the pay version. Very fast – email usually goes out and received within seconds of a request. Can have sign up through an html form or through a blank email. Excellent reporting – one of our favorite features is the ability to see after which email customers decided to opt-out (if you are using a multiple email approach). Emails can be of unlimited length and can use plain text or html and can have attachments. Price for three years is great. Great customer support.

Cons: GetResponse, as with other web based systems, requires a recurring subscription. However, this is a case of 'you get what you pay for'. In return for the payments, you get a continually improving state of the art autoresponder system maintained by professionals – you concentrate on your business, GetResponse concentrates on your mailing list management.

Price:Free for advertisement supported version (limited feature set)

Get Response Pro (No ad version):

GetResponse PRO BRONZE
US $17.95 a month (regular rate)

GetResponse PRO SILVER
US $47.85 quarterly ($6 off!)

GetResponse PRO GOLD
US $87.70 for 6 months ($20 off!)

US $145.40 for 1 year ($70 off!)

Summary: GetResponse is a web-based email autoresponder service. It offers both a free version and an upgraded no-ad pay version  GetResponse Pro. The version discussed here is the upgraded pro version. The free version has some of the same great features, but all your emails will have small ads placed in them. We are great believers that your email should be the place for you to market your products, not someone else's. If the small price for a pay email autoresponder service is too much for you to pay, then by all means try out the free service of GetResponse.

GetResponse offers an easy to use web-based interface for setting up your emails. The following is a list of features of the service as provided on the GetResponse website:

Free Autoresponder Features:

  • Unlimited autoresponders – create as many autoresponder accounts as you want and use each one for different purposes, even for tracking your sales!
  • Instant, reliable delivery – someone sends you an email or fills out a form, and a reply is sent in only 30 seconds!
  • Up to 5 follow-ups – unlimited in the PRO version
  • Unlimited message length – your reply message can be as long or as short as you want! You're never limited!
  • Unlimited message changes – change, update or edit your autoresponses whenever you want, 24 hours a day!
  • Easy set-up and management – it takes only minutes to set up and we take care of the rest, behind the scenes!
  • Password-protected online control panel – gain access to a private, easy-to-use, intuitive administration panel.
  • Powerful personalization features – our most prominent feature is easy-to-configure, customizable personalization!
  • Smart tracking features – know instantly and precisely which autoresponder and message are pulling the most!
  • Database access – access and manage your database of prospects'  email addresses, 24 hours a day, such as adding subscribers, viewing removals, updating messages, etc.
  • Powerful mailing list management features – use your mailing list for publishing a newsletter on a regular basis!
  • Automatically clean your mailing list – maintain your list easily, with hard bounces removed automatically for you!
  • Built-in anti-spam filters – that way, you make sure good messages go through and nobody abuses your responder!

GetResponse PRO 2006 Additional Features:

  • Unlimited PRO autoresponders(new!)
  • List Builder service(new!)
  • Pop-up Creator(new!)
  • Unlimited, reliable follow
  • Easy import and export Broadcast email to your entire Attach files to your email messages!
  • Ad-FREE! No third-party
  • Track your leads and responsesRSS/XML feeds and web-archive(new!)
  • Click Tracking(new!)
  • CAN-SPAM Compliance(new!) – GetResponse is in full compliance with CAN-SPAM act of 2003 and you can rest assured your autoresponder won't get you into legal problems.
  • Spam-check your messages(new!) Open-rate (new
  • Confirmed Opt-in(new!)
  • This-Instant-Followup (new!)
  • Visual Email Postcards(new!)
  • Account Choose from 19 different email addresses
  • Send HTML-enhanced messages
  • Your own "confirmation" screen
  • Selective broadcasting
  • Automatically pre-load campaigns
  • Block unwanted email addresses
  • Bounce-back management
  • Regular activity reports via email
  • Free, unlimited technical support… Even weekends!

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As a web master being able to follow up with prospective customers that come and visit your website is an essential part of working online. Having the ability to respond to customers by the hundreds or thousands by individual emails is not the best approach. But, with GetResponse auto responder you can follow up with each client that registers on your site.

GetResponse Is one of the most popular auto responders on the net there are roughly 500,000 people using it daily. With such wide acceptance and an easy interface no wonder so many people useing it. Having the ability to capture the attention of your visitors and guide them into providing you an email address will increase your business. As a webmaster you should offer a sign up option for specials or even a newsletter where they can keep up with the latest developments on your site. Once the client registers there email address the auto responder will take over and allow you to still be in constant communication with the client.
GetResponse will save you time and money when sending those emails and response to clients. It can schedule specific emails to go out when inquiries are receive from clients as well as when they are awaiting something that needs a personalized response from the webmaster.

GetResponse has the ability to collect and record the data that your visitors provide and then enable the webmaster to broadcast messages using the integrated mailing list at the single touch of a button. In addition you can set up with GetResponse with complete series of messages that you would like to send in advance and have them automatically emailed to your clients at specific intervals that you can set.

As a webmaster you have experienced getting some of your emails either kicked back or stopped by spam filters then you know it can cause a lot of heartache knowing that client will not see your emails. This can cause people not t receive your specials or additional marketing that you want them to see that is why they signed up. But GetResponse has custom editing software to help you determine if the message you are sending will be blocked and it provides you a chance to modify those messages on the go. This is an invaluable resource for any webmaster and GetResponse is the only software that has it built in.

GetResponse is the number one choice of webmaster who are serious about getting there products and service noticed. You can look around for others but you will not find another auto responder with the features and support like you get with GetResponse. Every feature and support option is guaranteed to exceed every competitive email responder out there. The features are wonderful and the price is right so as a webmaster that is serious about building there email lists you will need GetResponse to get the ultimate in auto responding technology.

Are you ready to get an autoresponder for your website? If you are new to email lists and newsletters you might be wondering what is an autoresponder? You might not know the term but you have probably come across an autoresponder or two while you have been online. If you have ever signed up for a newsletter to get a free pdf report you probably noticed an email message right after you signed up. Yep, you guessed it. That was probably an autoresponder that provided you with the initial message upon joining the list.

Busy website owners don't have the time to email each person that joins the list. They need an automated way of handling communications with their newsletter groups and lists. GetResponse is a company that provides this type of service.

Email lists can be an important part of your business. Managing your email lists can be really important too. Getting people to initially sign up for your list can be hard work. But after initial sign up there is still work to do. An autoresponder can allow you to set a communication path for new people to your list. Instead of just having one email sent to a new subscriber you could create a set of message to be sent on a specific schedule.

How effective are the messages that you are sending to your list? With GetResponse, you can see how many people on your list opened your emails. This can help you identify what is working and where the problems are in your communications.

Find new ways to generate more list subscribers by using the integrated social media functions. There are millions of users on social media networks and you can leverage this with GetResponse software.

GetResponse makes your emails look professional with pre-designed email templates. You don't have to go out and hire a designer to make your emails stand out. Just find the template that best fits with your type of business and select it.

Create high quality forms that get people to sign up for your lists. GetResponse has a form builder to walk you through the steps of creating a pleasing colorful form that blends well with your website or blog. Once you get your form designed just cut and paste the html code into your website and start looking for the newsletter sign ups.

GetResponse is more than just an autoresponder. It is a email analytics tool and much more. You want to grow your list and you want a responsive list. Use this software to find out what your list subscribers are thinking about with online surveys. Now you can find real results and see what your audience really thinks with easy to read graphics.

Set the autoresponder with your custom crafted messages and watch the results. Provide high quality information about your business on a regular basis. Create a series of messages that lead your subscribers down the information path that you choose. Boost your business with autoresponders.